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Global Sustainable Solutions

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Global Sustainable Solutions
Cody Smith
Coldwater, Ontario L0K 1E0

705-229-8630 | phone

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TFA: 2725 sf
Annual Heating Demand: 4.86 kBTU/(ft2 years)
Heating Load: 3.13 BTU/(ft2hr)
Total Primary Energy: 29.6 kBTU/(ft2 year)
Air Tightness: 0.365 ACH @ 50 Pascal
ERS: 91
Attributes: Energy Star, Solar-Ready, Net-Zero Ready, LEED Platinum Target Passive House
Foundation: Insulated Concrete Forms with sinulated service wall
Slab: 7.5 Inches of Type 2 EPS beneath concrete slab
Wall: ICF Walls with 2 x 4 Insulated Interior Service Wall and 4 inch EPS on Exterior
Roof: Truss Roof. Attic insulated to R-99
Heating: Passive Solar and Ductless Mini-Split
Ventilation: Lifebreath 195 DCS
Cooling: Fujitsu Ductless Mini-Split
Description: Designed and built in accordance with the Passive House principles, this single story Energy Star Home has been created with not only environmental and economic sustainability in mind but simplicity and visitability as well. As a LEED registered project with a Platinum target Global Sustainable Solutions, alongside a team of skilled professionals, has focused strongly on energy conservation with the use of increased insulation, passive solar design, meticulous attention to air sealing and the installation of energy efficient features and appliances. Among a host of environmental features, such as flooring milled from site harvested lumber, grey-water recycling and the minimizing of construction waste, this Solar Ready project will achieve Net-Zero once PV panels are connected.

Designer: Global Sustainable Solutions & Passive House E-Design
Structural Engineer: Tacoma Engineers
PH Consultant: Natalie Leonard - Passive House E-Design
Energy Star & LEED Rating: DSG Building Diagnostics
LEED Service Provider: Mindscape Innovations

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